Welcome to the Eco Bio Camping !


Surrounded by a wonderful mountain landscape,

kilometers of natural paths

for lovers of walking and bike tours


Find here 10 good reasons to come and stay with us...


1) Our place is eco-sustainable, we respect the Nature and we follow all the rules in order to preserve your health and the environment, in all the services that we offer: resaturant, garden, hygiene, cleaning, respect.


2) The structure carry out a way to save energy, water, lighting in common spaces, and we ask our guests to follow our ethics against any kind of waste.


3) We reuse as much as possible all materials, we separate our waste, we invite all visitors to be attentive when throwing out old materials and objects.


4) The natural environment surrounding the camping is a perfect location to enjoy the Silence, the listening, the visual and sound imagination. It creates a magic atmosphere to find yourself and to share your time with the others.


5) This is a place where events, meetings, learnings take place, with the contribution given by artists, teachers, workers, in several fields (kitchen, gardening, arts, dreams…..)


6) We offer hospitality to groups of artists and researchers, either in caravan or tents, we create common spaces to share time and meals together.


7) We host anyone needs to find space and time and the right conditions to feel in peace with himself, with the Others and the Nature. In order to find again the serenity.


8) The camping is an exceptional location to experiment and search about children’s education, we organize spring and summer camps led by professionals (environmental guides and school educators).


9) We try out self-production of food, such as bread, pasta, cakes, pies, conserves, jam, we cultivate vegetables and fruits and our garden is full of edible delicious herbs. We also support local organic farms by buying from them flour, legumes, cheese, honey, wine…


10) We cook our meals as much as possible we use organic ingredients. We are not professional chefs, but we love cooking and we put our passion to offer the guests healthy delicious food.

15 years of passionate management for beauty and peace

... and the 14th season is starting ...

by JAGAT - Giorgio Bulla




The access of guests to the facility can only take place in normal health conditions as regards the body temperature, which cannot exceed 37.5 degrees. In this regard, triage (thermal detection) can be carried out by the structure managers at the time of check-in. Any change in health that may occur during the stay in the Camping area, which entails a change in body temperature, must be immediately communicated to the Management, which will inform the territorial emergency medical structures. This will lead to the inevitable removal of the person from the structure.

In the camping area, the use of protective masks in the common areas is mandatory, such as bathrooms, laundry, games room, bar and restaurant, waste stations, drinking fountains.

It is advisable to use disinfectant gels, located at the entrances of the different parts of the structure. Protective gloves and masks are available to customers, to be requested from the Management.

It is absolutely necessary to maintain the safety distances now known, both between the people who occupy the pitches and other hospitality structures, and in the casual common uses of health facilities. Spaced wash-basin points were organized in the sanitary blocks.
Improper use of services dedicated to people with different abilities is prohibited by law.
It is advisable to stay in the premises the strict time indispensable to your needs with the utmost attention and care, avoiding the use of sound devices, disrespectful and inappropriate attitudes. It is also advisable to wash your hands with soap and water every time there has been contact with doors, handles, railings and handrails and other commonly used devices.

It is advisable to use protective gloves when spilling waste, to access sanitary and laundry rooms, to use drinking water fountains.
The fountains are to be used exclusively for the supply of drinking water.
It is absolutely forbidden to wash objects, dishes or anything else (personal cleaning).

Any improper use of both the fountains, the various service equipment and the green areas of the campsite, any failure to comply with the behavioral rules of hygiene and safety, in this delicate phase of coexistence, entails a penalty of € 500.00 and the immediate exclusion from the area, with notification to the police at the discretion of the Management of the structure.

It is desirable for customers to take self-surveillance for the common good.
The reporting to the Management of any irregularity found is absolutely welcome, both as regards the behavior of the other customers and for any shortcomings or malfunctions of the accommodation service under the responsibility of the Structure staff.

We thank for the awareness and respect of what is listed, in the tolerance for any inconvenience caused by the serious circumstance in which we all find ourselves living together, certain of the understanding of the difficulties in which the staff of the Structure finds itself operating, we trust and wish the performance a peaceful stay for everyone.

The Eco Bio Camping Team